All Finns Bali venues including Finns Beach Club are committed to our community and environment in Bali. We place high emphasis on helping those less fortunate to give something worthwhile back to the community.

On a local level our activities include support and the use of our venues complimentary to local sporting organisations, charities, schools, orphanages and disadvantaged children. We also have an ongoing education program for our staff on Clean and Green policies.

Reducing waste is a particular concern in Bali. Every little step is important, but they can all add up quickly. Finns Bali has taken steps to reduce paper usage, recycle paper and plastic, use grey water for gardening, separate and recycle trash and use alternative bags rather than plastic. A composting system has been successfully set up at Finns Recreation Club and is currently also being introduced to Finns Beach Club.

We encourage staff, members and guests to use their own water bottle for refilling due to environmental concerns and offer complimentary drinking water to refill. Income, which is created through recycling measures, is being added to our staff’s service charge.

Staff members of Finns Bali departments have been cleaning at Berawa beach for the past 5 years daily between 5am – 9am, resulting in many truckloads of rubbish being taken off the beach. Recently a fortnightly group cleaning has been introduced additionally, welcoming volunteers from the outside to join in as well!

The Cubby House Kids Club VIP Program supports less fortunate children of Bali. Each month a group of children are invited to Cubby House located at Finns Recreation Club (Rec Club) for playtime including a meal and a VIP TShirt. Return Transport to the place of residence is provided. To date we have hosted Jodie O’Shea, YKPA, Anugrah Boys & Girls Orphanges, William Booth Boys Home, Elisama Orphanage, Hope Children Home Bali, Yayasan Tawam Asi, Tunas Bangsa, Panti Asuhan Orphanages.

On the afternoon of Sunday 9th April 2017 Finns Beach Club and local surf brand, LOKO sponsored the Inaugural Keep Bali Clean Surf Challenge. This was a free community event with only a donation of RP 50,000 per person being requested. The aim was to increase awareness of the Keep Bali Clean campaign to all Bali residents and raise funds to support their 2017 projects such as presentations to educate primary school students, anti-littering advertisements on local TV station DEWATA TV at 6pm daily plus two new advertisements which are in the coming. Further a subsidized rubbish collection is in the planning, as well as the placement of compost bins in Canggu area.

A ‘Keep Bali Clean’ – star system will be introduced for hotels within Bali. With this system the hotels can receive a number of stars as reward to their recycle efforts, and for the support they give to Keep Bali Clean.

Almost IDR 10,000.000 were raised from donations and the sale of Keep Bali Clean merchandise. Finns will continue to work to improve rubbish disposal in the Berawa and Canggu areas to preserve our beautiful island of Bali.

We are always looking for ways to enhance our community efforts and to reuse our resources the best way we can.

At Finns we currently also:

  • have reusable ‘Tas Pasar’ (carrier bags) printed, which we hand to our suppliers in order to prevent them from delivering our fruits & vegetables in plastic bags
  • collaborate with a local company to implement sustainable take-away containers, paper/non-plastic straws and non-plastic bags to hand out to our guests at both properties
  • at Finns Recreation Club we have asked our responsible staff team-members, to collect the tennis balls which are no longer used on the tennis court, and they are donated to organizations which look after orphaned and injured dogs
  • give support to various projects, for example environmentally related, by giving them exposure through our newsletter
  • collect paper items, which are suitable for art and craft, those are then given to the Jodie O’Shea Orphanage, in order for the kids to be able to expand their creativity
  • attend BHA (Bali Hotel Association) meetings, in which environmental and energy saving topics are being discussed amongst the members and solutions are being sought out
  • plan to expand our group/staff cleaning efforts, from not just cleaning the beach, but also cleaning the street leading upwards from Pantai Berawa, and past our property
  • implement solar lighting to make use of renewable energy

Should you have questions regarding our community work, our charities and how you can get involved to help, or wish to join us for a beach cleanup, please contact our community management at

‘From little things, big things grow’


Keep Bali Clean

Finns Bali is proud to be the major sponsor of Keep Bali Clean Campaign. As one of many ways in which we do give support, we keep educating our staff on Clean & Green policies, by using for example alternative, oxo-biodegradable trash bags rather than plastic bags. Especially in the year 2017 we want to move ahead together and provoke substantial environmental changes, seeing the challenges Bali is facing through both major waste issues and the fast development of tourism.

The most important Keep Bali Clean projects for the current year involve presentations to educate primary school students, anti-littering advertisements on local TV station DEWATA TV at 6pm daily, plus two new advertisements which are in the coming. Furthermore a subsidized rubbish collection is in the planning, as well as the placement of compost bins in Canggu area.

Another channel of support are fundraisers, e.g. the ‘Keep Bali Clean and LOKO Surf Challenge’ on April 9th 2017, held at Berawa Beach and the ‘Canggu Classic Tennis Tournament’, in which the club has donated IDR 82,150,000 (USD 6,000) towards the airing of the Bali Go Green campaign. Additionally to that Finns is raising money for the cause by implementing donation boxes throughout the Beach Club area, and the collection of donations by staff members.

The sale of Keep Bali Clean merchandise has also recently been introduced to both shops, at Finns Beach Club and at Splash located at Finns Recreation Club. The purchase income goes directly towards the charity.

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Solemen Indonesia

Finns Bali is committed to on going support for the Yayasan Solemen Indonesia a non-profit Foundation primarily focusing their efforts on helping the disadvantaged in Bali.

Solemen merchandise is sold at Finns Beach Club shop as well as Splash shop located at Finns Recreation Club and at the Cubby House. Donation boxes are to be found throughout the venues.

An annual Melbourne Cup event is held at Finns Recreation Club, at which an amazing amount of IDR 288,255,000 were raised in November 2016, in support of Solemen Indonesia and those that Solemen help.

Robert Epstone – Founder of the Solemen Indonesia
WOW FINNS REC CLUB Team what an overwhelming SUCCESS. We are so happy, incredibly proud, humbled and honoured to have you and your amazing team at the club as such incredible sponsors of Solemen. I am totally in awe of you and your Team’s energy, efficiency and professionalism. In deepest gratitude and indeed without question we too look forward to our next fundraiser together.

Sarah Chapman – Solemen Indonesia
I have just woken to this email and am in tears …..thank you all so much for arranging such an amazing day and for your incredible support of Solemen. On a personal note , I am living a dream heading to the Outreach team as this is what I had wanted to do for many years ….thank you for supporting my dream and hope we continue to change many more lives for the better! I am happiest in the slums where kids come to me , tug on my hand or tshirt for a hug or a plaster with a smiley face drawn on it. I walk round with kids holding my hand or tshirt, hoping nobody is sick but normally there is….people suffer in silence, hidden away and it is an honour that they trust enough now to tell us! So many tales, but an honour to be part of the team.

Sole Man Robert declared his intention to be barefoot until SOLEMEN had raised one million US Dollars. The reason for being barefoot is “to be in solidarity with those who don’t have a choice to wear or not wear shoes”.
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Jodie O’Shea Orphanage

Finns Bali has opened its heart to the Jodie O’Shea Orphanage which is run by long term resident Alison and her husband Yanto.

Jodie O’Shea currently have 96 children in their care and their goal is provide a safe and loving environment for all the children. Occupational therapy plays a very important part at the home as they have many children who have suffered great trauma in their lives, so onsite help for this is provided on a regular basis.

Alison and Yanto’s aim is for all children to leave home as confident, independent young adults. They help the children get work placements and encourage them to do university in the evenings after work, as well as setting them up with their own accommodation, making the transition run as smoothly as possible as they go out into the world on their own. This part of what they do is by far the biggest challenge, and seeing the kids go into the world to be successful and happy is the greatest gift of all, they say.

As of direct feedback from the Jodie O’Shea staff, the children LOVE going to the Finns Recreation Club and the annual Xmas-day event is by far the biggest highlight of the year for them (staff included).

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