Canggu Club’s Commitment to Reuse, Reduce & Recycle


Like many popular tourist destinations, Bali has a real problem with rubbish. It covers the beaches, particularly during the rainy season, it clogs the drains beside the roads and unfortunately, most vacant allotments also tend to masquerade as a convenient rubbish tip. Agreed, our island home is definitely not alone in its fight to find a solution to the pollution problem, however we all need to make more of an effort when it comes to doing our part to reduce our reliance on non-biodegradable consumables.

Granted there are a number of successful programs already in place across the island such as local beach clean ups, Eco Bali Recycling and the student born initiative, Bye Bye Plastic Bags to mention only a few but it is also encouraging to see other local businesses setting an example by getting on board and implementing in house waste minimization, management and recycling programs.

In an effort to educate staff, members and guests, The Canggu Club have reinforced their commitment to Keep Bali Clean by incorporating a comprehensive recycling program across all of their venues. Regulars to The Club may have recently noticed a number of colourful recycling bins dotted throughout the property encouraging consumers to dispose of their rubbish in separate receptacles provided for paper, plastic and organic waste, but The Club’s pledge to reduce pollution goes much further.

I took a tour behind the scenes with Resident Manager Komang Adi and discovered a multi faceted  recycling initiative which aims not only to reduce the amount of daily waste across all venues but to also educate staff and suppliers about minimising our carbon footprint by way of reducing unnecessary packaging and developing the mindset to reuse and recycle where appropriate.

Recycling bins for plastic, paper, glass and cans can be found in all venue kitchens and bars along with bins for organic waste. Staff are trained to separate kitchen waste into respective bins for non-organic and organic items and this is monitored on a regular basis by heads of each department. Monies received for recyclables such as glass bottles, paper and plastics are added to staff service in order to ‘incentivise’ employees to commit to the program and encourage members and guests to do the same. Garden trimmings and food scraps go into a large bin to begin the composting process which, after a period of fermentation is then used as fertilizer for Canggu Club gardens and lawns. Grey water is used for garden irrigation and a chopper was even purchased for the gardens department in order to chip large cuttings down to a size more effective for composting.

Despite the preferred mode of communication being cyber these days, paper products are still required for signs, banners, packaging and reading materials. But these don’t make it to the waste pile either! Ince finished with, all paper recyclables are gathered and distributed to collectors for reuse.

Awareness about the benefits of recycling is vital and The Canggu Club are committed to teaching their employees about caring for their environment, ensuring they understand the purpose of the program and hopefully, choosing to integrate similar processes in their own home. Each staff member has been issued with a green bag in an effort to reduce their own reliance on plastic bags at the market or shop and lead by

example. Even suppliers have been encouraged to use these environmentally friendly bags for stock delivery (where appropriate) instead of the mountains of plastic that tend to envelop our purchases.

In order to initiate a change in our pattern of consumption and its effect on our natural environment, education is the key. Recycling, reusing and reducing waste in the workplace and at home has a filter down effect and the more we see this happening, the sooner it becomes routine behaviour. Congratulations to The Canggu Club and other like minded local businesses for implementing these environmentally friendly practices and being a part of the change that aims to make a difference.

For further information about Canggu Club’s commitment to recycling go to:


Box Fusion Classes @ Canggu Club? Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!

Here’s a shout out to all you fitness fans and workout wannabies! Bored with your usual gym routine and in need of a new element to your weekly exercise regime? Well it’s about time you tried Canggu Club Fitness Box Fusion class at 8.30am of a Thursday! Forget all the excuses, Box Fusion is guaranteed to get your heart rate up and sweat out any of those nasty toxins from all that extra holiday err……’cheer’.

Having long been a fan of boxing classes and with a few sessions up my sleeve, I thought the class would be a breeze. I may have been mistaken! Whilst it’s not necessary to have had any previous boxing experience (in or out of the ring!) in order to attend the session, be prepared for an all over body workout, toning and cardio session. I mean, that’s what we’re there for yes? That being said, the class is open to all levels of expertise and abilities and being the professional trainer that he is, Duane scales each exercise to cater to whatever your fitness level allows.

The beauty of Canggu Club’s Box Fusion classes is that they are never boring. Every week brings a new set of exercises designed to challenge your body and build strength and cardio fitness. With years of experience behind him, Duane ensures Box Fusion participants are taught the right skills and drills to maximise fitness and minimise injury and this small group training environment encourages you to try harder to keep up with your sparring partner or beat their best time in the cardio challenges! Competitive much?

Sessions start at 8.30am on Thursday mornings and combine indoor and outdoor activities so you aren’t left staring at a gym wall or sweating it out for a full hour in the sun. Incorporating stair runs, wall sits, sparring sessions and time trials, Box Fusion is designed to work the whole body ensuring fitness and toning and a while lot of laughs. You don’t need an arsenal of equipment either as boxing gloves, pads and liners are all supplied. All you need to bring is energy and commitment to stick it out for an hour. No results without effort right?

Being on the wrong side of forty, I understand full well how difficult it is to tone those tuck-shop arms, jelly bellies and sloppy shoulders and Box Fusion is definitely the answer for sleek, sculpted arms and torsos. Now girls never fear, there’s no danger of bulking up like big Mike Tyson but stick with Box Fusion and I’ll warrant you’ll be more than happy to show off your toned guns on the beach or step out in a sleeveless, strappy number in the evenings!

This class is not just for the girls. Guys are more than welcome to join in and you’ll be guaranteed results. Beware though fellas, some of the ladies can pack a mean punch!

Remember, if Box Fusion is not your really your scene, Canggu Club Fitness also has Body Pump, Cycle and Yoga classes available as well. There will be classes on every day from Monday to Friday over the holidays and the gym is open daily from 6am until 10pm.

If you would prefer to make your own timetable, grab a few of your friends for small group training sessions or personal training with their international fitness professionals.

For more information about Canggu Club Fitness classes, check out their schedule online at:>fitness or don your active wear come in and try it for yourself. Bring it on Rocky!


Work Xmas Parties With the WOW Factor!


As another year draws to a close, it’s always nice to acknowledge everyone’s efforts and ensure those long office hours over the past twelve months have not gone unnoticed. What better way to show how much you appreciate your loyal hard working employees than by throwing them a Christmas party to remember! Now I don’t mean the kind of boring office bash where one feels obliged to mingle around the mixers and make polite small talk until you can steal a sneaky exit…Yawn! Why not let the crew at The Canggu Club plan a party that will definitely make a splash!

With a variety of exciting venues, activities and catering packages, you can be sure they will be able to organise an end of year event to accommodate any sized group or gathering. Extensive facilities with no less than 14 different event spaces across a sprawling 4 hectare estate ensures that Bali’s premier entertainment and sporting venue is the ideal location to host your next staff shindig.

Whether it’s an intimate group of a few or a cast of over one thousand, The Canggu Club have a party plan that will suit. Of course they have a variety of food and beverage packages to choose from, but why not add that X factor and treat your staff to a cool afternoon on the slides at Splash or generate some good natured competitive spirit with a lively game of dodgeball on the tramps at Bounce. If that’s a little too energetic for your crew, you can always grab a few lanes at Strike Bowling then compare teams with the most spares to create a bit of camaraderie amongst your colleagues. The securely fenced soccer field lends itself to whole host of outdoor team building activities and there are numerous undercover options so wet weather can’t rain on your party parade. There’s really no reason for your staff Christmas party or get together to be a staid affair that’s light on the laughs when Canggu Club can provide these types of entertainment options!

Not just for staff junkets, The Canggu Club has everything you could hope to find for kids’ parties, corporate events, end of term celebrations and more! Just tell them what you are after and let them plan your day right down to colour schemes and party themes. No need to rack your brain for ideas to entertain the masses, all the hard work is done for you and you just need to show up on the day and look like the awesome boss that you are!

Let’s face it, everyone loves a party and Christmas is the ideal time to show your staff, school mates and siblings how much you care with a group gathering complete with all the trimmings tailored just for them. Contact the team at  or phone them on +62 361 8483939 or +62 828 971939 39 to plan your holiday party today. ’Tis the season to be merry and really folks,  how cool would it be to have a water slide at your next work do!


Market for Borneo a Successful Conclusion to Kidscutpalmoil Day!


The very first Kidscutpalmoil Day was held at Canggu Community School on Monday November 30th in an effort to raise awareness about the calamitous effects of conflict palm oil farming on the fragile ecosystems of Sumatra and Borneo.

The action group initiated by Bali school children nominated November 30th at CCS a day to further educate and inform the school community kicked off the fundraising day by inviting everyone to donate a minimum of IDR 10,000 to participate in a free dress day. Those involved were encouraged to dress in fiery colours to symbolise the peat fires which continue to burn out of control in areas such as Central Kalimantan.

Not just an opportunity to get out of uniform for the day, students also organised a Market for Borneo in the multi function hall at the high school campus. A whole swag of environmentally conscious kids spent their lunch hour setting up tables piled high with numerous items of pre-loved clothing, toys and books along with some tasty snacks, including Year 2W’s very own version of palm oil free peanut butter! One of the student’s talented mums, Annie provided the secret recipe and the kids did the rest. The end result was truly delicious, environmentally friendly and the general consensus was that it was best enjoyed slathered over cucumber and celery sticks!

Once the hard was done and the stalls were set, it was time for trading. The crowds streamed in and there was a rush reminiscent of a Boxing Day Sale as prospective customers jostled for books,  toys and clothing. Being a typically streamy November afternoon, the youngsters at the fruit smoothie stall certainly worked up a sweat filling orders for thirsty shoppers and the line up in front of the snack stall indicated that sweet treats were also a favourite on the day.

Apart from donated goods, most of the items on sale were made by the students themselves including eco friendly products such as palm oil free bath bombs and bath soaps. The Kidscutpalmoil Campaign was also well represented with coffee cups, stickers and soaps bearing their logo and if T-shirt sales were anything to go buy, these Kidscutpalmoil tops will be next week’s must have fashion item.

At my time of departure, funds from the afternoon were still being tallied, but if crowds were anything to go by, I’d hazard a guess that the organisers would be more than happy with the result. All proceeds from the market day in addition to those raised from free dress donations will go directly to Outrop  to assist with the Orang utan Tropical Peatland Project and to the firefighters in Central Kalimantan to help purchase much needed equipment to keep the continuing blaze in the peatlands under control.

For more information about the kidscutpalmoil campaign and how you too can be a a part of the change, follow them on Facebook:
or on twitter – @kidscutpalmoil
#startwith1thing #racingextinction


Christmas Shopping & Summer Fun All Rolled into One


You may not yet hear the jingling of sleigh bells but let me tell you, Christmas is just around the corner, holiday time is hotting up and it’s your chance to get sorted for the silly season. The end of term is fast approaching and as always, the Junior Sports Academy and The Canggu Club  have organised a fantastic afternoon to celebrate the end of another successful and sporty season along with the start of school holidays.  Yippee!

Friday December 18th will feature an afternoon of entertainment with the JSA presentation and performance party in conjunction with yuletide celebrations, carols to sing along to and the very popular Christmas Market Bazaar. Believe me, if last term’s market was anything to go by, I’ll be able to knock over all of my Christmas shopping in one fell swoop! There’s rumoured to be some extra tasty treats also available in time for the festive season. Now that’s my kind of retail therapy!

The market will kick off from midday and guests can browse through the stalls in the shaded comfort of the marquee. There will be presentations from all of the Junior Academy sports in the cooler part of the afternoon, with an opportunity for parental participation and a chance for Mum and Dad to join in the fun and show the kids what they’re made of.

Finish the term in the style of summer with a BBQ dinner and a sing along with friends as you get into the spirit of the season with some Christmas carols. Word has it The Canggu Club’s home grown talent might even provide some musical musings as part of the evening’s entertainment line up. The kids can then recline into a bean bag and conclude the evening with a Christmas movie on the big screen.

School days done and dusted for December and Christmas days off a distant memory,  many parents will be wondering how to entertain their cherubs for the remainder of the holidays (not all of us have the luxury of a month long vacation!) Luckily, JSA’s  holiday camps commence from January 4th and January 11th. As usual, kids can enrol for the entire week’s activities or simply drop in for a day at a time. Holiday camps run each day from 9am until 3pm. Participants are engaged in a variety of sports and leisure activities throughout the day under the constant supervision of a team of talented and fully qualified sporting professionals. A nutritious lunch and morning and afternoon snacks are also included in the price.

This holiday season’s line up of activities will include the usual sporting suspects such as soccer, swimming, gymnastics, basketball, dance, tennis, trampolining and AFL along with two new sports, netball and tag rugby! Not just a day of sports, JSA holiday programs also encourage skill development, team building and good ol’ fashioned fun. Children get the opportunity to try their luck at ten pin bowling or ride the slides to enjoy some relief from the summer heat.

But don’t panic if your pint sized family members aren’t that keen on sports. Cubby House Kids’ Club is also offering a holiday program for 3 to 12 year olds throughout December and January for crafty kids! For just IDR 200,000 ++ per four hour session (you can choose from 9am – 1pmor 1pm – 5pm), your children will be thoroughly entertained with a series of awesome arts and crafts sessions.

December’s program runs from the 7th until Christmas Eve and includes such activities as Christmas decoration, tree and card making, creating gifts for friends and family and designing dream catchers. Sessions will be back in full swing in the New Year from January 4th with a program bursting at the seams with fun stuff like magic sand craft, jewellery making, kite design and even a dance contest. Session prices include a meal and a drink and the kids get to take home the fruits of their labour!

For full details regarding pricing and holiday camp schedules, simply check out the Junior Sports Academy website: . If you are not already familiar with JSA’s sporting programs or vacation camps, the end of term presentation and market day at the Canggu Club onDecember 18th is a terrific opportunity to see the Academy in action. Don’t forget to pack your purse to take advantage of some pre Christmas bargains at the bazaar!

Jalan Canggu Club, Canggu Bali