Saving the Spirit of Borneo – One Dance at a Time


Native to Borneo, the Dayak people are a race comprising of numerous ethnic subgroups from across the largest island in Asia. Richly diverse in dialects, customs, laws and culture, one important element of their fascinating history is the Dayak Hornbill Dance, aptly named after the large beaked bird which holds significance and symbolism for the Dayaks.

Sadly, as time passes and modern day life tends to encroach on and occasionally eliminate some age old traditions, culturally rich elements of the past can be forgotten. In an effort to keep valuable traditions such as this Dayak dance alive among emerging generations of her people, Siti Habibah a young dance teacher from the Ngaju Tribe of Central Kalimantan opened The Spirit of the Hornbill Dance Academy a little over a year ago. Her chief intentions were to teach the skills she had learned as a dancer to younger generations, foster an understanding and enjoyment of Dayak traditions among youth and preserve this culture through music and dance!

Of course, ventures such as these can be costly and with little financial support, it is a constant battle for Siti and her team of teachers (most of whom are volunteers) at the Academy to meet rent and mounting costs of tuition.  Volunteers from the academy venture into the villages in the area twice a week, giving children an opportunity to learn dance and play traditional musical instruments, reconnecting them with their cultural origins. Despite many parents being unable to pay for this tuition due to financial hardship, teachers at the academy never deny any of these children the opportunity to participate. Increased funding will enable the program to expand further into more villages around Palangkaraya.

Following on from their successful fundraising efforts to help fight the fires in Central Kalimantan last year, The Canggu Club is hosting another fundraiser, “Spirit of Borneo” on Sunday June 26th, this time to raise money to help Siti and The Spirit of the Hornbill Academy of Dance keep traditional Dayak culture alive.

Bring your friends and family and be prepared for a memorable evening rich in dance, music, storytelling and song. The event begins at 5pm with Dayak music and a dance workshop where Siti and Yadi, the head instructors at the academy will guide participants through the elements of this intriguing dance! From 6pm guests will enjoy a dance performance, Dayak music and storytelling followed by a screening of the documentary, ‘Long Sa’an – The Journey Back’ from 7pm. This fascinating film traces the journey of seven Dayak people from North Kalimantan back to Long Sa’an, their ancestral village deep in the heart of a forest that is racing to keep ahead of the threat of potential destruction.

After the film, raffles and auction action will commence from 8pm. There will also be a Dayak Market Stand for the chance to purchase your very own authentic Dayak handicrafts, bags, music and art.

Entry to the Spirit of Borneo fundraiser is free of charge, however a small donation of Rp 50,000 would be gratefully appreciated. An educating and culturally enriching evening, it’s an opportunity to learn about and help preserve the valuable elements of another culture. All proceeds from the evening will go towards maintaining and developing the Spirit of the Hornbill Dance Academy Program.

Mark Sunday June 26th into your diaries for the chance to inject a little culture into your holiday entertainment and come and experience the joy of dance at The Canggu Club. Make an evening of it with family and enjoy dinner at Bistro C while you are there! For table reservations email:

Bistro C. Open to the Public from 5pm Daily.
Located at Canggu Club. Jalan Canggu Club, Canggu.


Putu’s the Master of Massage at Body Temple Spa


Living on an exotic island which boasts about as many spas as it does bars, it would be safe to say I have had more than my fair share of massages (and cocktails for that matter, but that’s a different story…). From fluffy, fairy like touches that have left me utterly frustrated to excruciating ‘ouchie mama’ moments, the aftermath of which I felt like I’d gone a round with Mike Tyson, there have been a multitude of masseuses with varying degrees of finesse and success!

I thought I had it narrowed down to a finite list of my affordable faves until yesterday. After listening to friends and gym acquaintances repeatedly sing the praises of Putu Soreada, Body Temple Spa’s relatively new addition to their team of expert masseuses, I decided to see if he could do anything about my niggling neck pain – something that previous therapists had failed to fix.

Putu, originally from Singaraja, hails from a long line of healers whose skills of sensory touch have been handed down through the generations. Realising he possessed a knack for healing but wanting to discover why, Putu embarked on a series of training courses to hone his natural gift and find out more about human physiology, anatomy and how to heal it! “Once you understand the human body, the rest just somehow makes sense,” he smiles. (Well, maybe for you Putu!)

After several training courses and certification with CIBTAC (Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology) along with numerous years of experience at spas around the island, Putu developed his own unique massage style that is achieving great results! Using a combination of methods, he works his magic through thumb and palm movements, stretching and acupressure, activating the relevant pressure points in order to release toxin  build up and relieve areas of pain.  He most certainly understands the power of touch and emphasises that hours of yoga and meditation has been vital for facilitating further development of his skills in order to identify what each individual requires in terms of his healing hands.

Starting slowly from my feet and picking a few well placed points to apply pressure, Putu was immediately able to identify the problem areas of my shoulders and my neck, and my knees! Movements are sure and smooth with adequate pressure to ensure efficacy without absolute agony. I’ll admit, it’s not necessarily one of those massages where its so relaxing you fade off to fairyland only to find your face in a pool of drool at the end, but I can guarantee you will feel fantastic when it’s finished.

A minimum of one and a half hours is necessary for Putu to complete a treatment and I’ll wager you’ll be wishing it was even longer when your massage comes to an end! Thanks to just one of this masseuse master’s therapy sessions, I can turn my head further to the right than I have been able to do for a year! Clearly there’s no such thing as a quick cure and he won’t be able to heal every ailment in one sitting, but if that’s what ninety minutes can achieve, I’m signing up for more for sure!

Contact Body Temple Spa at The Canggu Club for a treatment today and remember you do not need to be a member or purchase a day pass to take full advantage of their huge range of spa services. Simply call for an appointment on:
+62 361 8483939 or +62 361 4741019 or see the staff at Canggu Club reception.

Stay tuned for more information about some exciting developments in Sports Massage Therapies coming soon to The Canggu Club.

Body Temple Spa. Located at Canggu Club.
Jalan Canggu Club, Canggu. No Day Pass Required.

Finns Beach Club – Canggu Opens its Doors!


Before you set foot into Bali’s latest offering in beach clubs, you can’t help but marvel at the design of this stunning construction. A striking bamboo structure with organic curves and alang alang roof, unlike many of the concrete monstrosities that have appeared in Bali of late, Finns Canggu is not at odds with its environment. Ergonomics blend with traditional, local architectural style to form a structure that remains in sync with its natural surrounds.

Located on Berawa Beach, merely ten minutes from Seminyak, Finns Beach Club is environmentally friendly in its design, incorporating renewable resources such as bamboo, sand and natural stone and wood in such a way that the necessary support structure is hidden from view, creating a seamless flow from shaded seating down to the sand.


A new jewel in the Semara Collection crown, Finns Canggu follows a similar style to their other successful projects such as Finn’s Beach Club at the luxurious Semara Uluwatu Resort. With the same attention to detail and oozing a laid back, beachside chic, this new club is certain to be a destination of choice, given its convenient location, accessibility and unbeatable 180 degree ocean views.

The design of the project, with its subtle elevations allows every guest to get a guaranteed view of the big blue from each area of the beach club. In keeping with a casual and relaxed atmosphere, Finns Beach Club, Canggu embraces everyone. Emerge from a welcoming reception area to see a stunning 30 metre infinity edge pool (with state of the art underwater speakers!), single and double day beds and a white sand beach! Take a seat in one of the surrounding booths to absorb the ocean views and enjoy a meal or pull up a pew at the Surfer Bar and grab prime position to check out the popular Berawa Break while sipping an ice cold brew.

Finns Beach Club

Finns Canggu promotes accessibility and affordability for everyone. Commencing with soft opening hours from 9am until midnight it is a fabulous location for your next high season event, corporate dinners and pre or post wedding or party drinks. With the added advantage of having the luxury Semara Beach House just next door, Finns Beach Club, Canggu pretty much has your function or special celebration all sewn up!

A spectacular addition to Berawa Beach and after much anticipation Finns Canggu is finally open, providing an exciting new social scene for this popular beachside burough. Tick sunset beers, classy cocktails, cool tunes and a view to die for – I’m pretty sure I’ve just found my new local. See you there!

Jalan Pantai Berawa, Canggu, Bali
Ph: +62 (361) 844 6327 / 28


Renew, Relax & Rejuvenate in June


So the dry season is upon us, (supposedly!) and though the temps don’t dip much below the thirties there is that little bit less humidity in the air and our skin can sense it. That’s why June is all about rehydrating and revitalising at Body Temple Spa, and with these fabulous half price treatments and free offers, there’s really no excuse for your skin to suffer this summer!

Breathe new life into skin and reduce the effects of continuous exposure to Bali’s harsh tropical sun with the Themae Nepalese Tea Body Exfoliation. For the month of June this treatment is available at a saving of 50% off which equals a mere Rp250K ++, it’s an amazingly effective solution to tired skin that will leave your entire body invigorated with a natural glow. A bamboo powder scrub ensures a silky smooth surface after which the shea butter and apricot oil application provides a necessary hydration treatment to lock in moisture, protecting the new and revitalised skin beneath. Take advantage of this never-to-be-repeated offer to ensure a start to your summer break with the soft skin you deserve.

Tops and bottoms are far from forgotten either this month, with Body Temple’s Creambath and Pedi Package you can feel fabulous from head to toe with an indulgent two hour treatment. There’s little better than a luxurious cream bath to replenish the natural oils that this island’s water can strip from our hair. (Well, except maybe the divine head and scalp massage that goes with it…..purrrrrrrrr!)

Once the top of your head is taken care of, let the Body Temple team tend to your tootsies and enjoy further pampering with their classic pedicure. At only Rp400K++ it’s worth taking two hours out to treat yourself from tip to toe.

So with skin, silky locks and shiny toes sorted, complete the pamper package by taking advantage of Body Temple’s 30 minute free (no, that’s not a typo) trial facial by Thermodermie. This is a non invasive procedure that will rejuvenate, lift and brighten your skin using a warm and gentle massage involving the four methods of drainage, red light therapy, infrared and ultrasound. This 30 minute free trial will demonstrate how a Thermodermie facial can bring skin back to life by employing this four step process.

Not forgetting the usual 20% discount for Canggu Club Gold and Silver members, with these low prices, there’s really no excuses not to give yourself that much needed mid year overhaul and guarantee a glowing start to summer. Canggu Club membership or day passes are not required to enjoy Body Temple Spa services. Simply call them to make a booking on: +62 361 8483939 or +62 361 4741019 or see the staff at Canggu Club reception.