An Indulgent Spa Experience That Won’t Break The Bank

The term ‘spa’ tends to be bandied about with gay abandon in Bali, often used to describe either less than impressive locales which do little to enhance one’s sense of health and wellbeing, or lavishly styled shrines to beauty designed to reduce your bank balance rather than your stress.

Sampling numerous such establishments over the years, I had come to the conclusion that spas offering discerning quality and affordability were few and far between until I ventured into Body Temple Spa. Located in a quiet corner of The Canggu Club, with a sister spa at Semara Uluwatu Luxury Villa Resort, Body Temple Spa epitomizes accessible luxury. With the perfect balance of quality products and exquisite treatments at an affordable price point, guests are guaranteed a high end experience that will leave them refreshed and revitalized with their bank balance intact.

The spa uses all natural and eco-certified products  from Themae, a Paris based company priding itself on the professional and stringently controlled development of quality cosmetics holding the promise of results and total wellbeing. As their comprehensive spa menu suggests, Body Temple aims to detox, rejuvenate, relax and energise with body treatments and therapies specifically designed to do just that!

Themae products utilise the wonder of tea and all of its healing qualities. With over 30% polyphenols and the highest known concentration of antioxidants, tea plant extracts contribute to slowing the signs of aging, neutralising those free radicals that destroy collagen and elastin over time. These active properties from the four varieties of tea (green, black, white and red) along with a blend of spring water create the elixirs that form the base of Themae’s cosmetic preparations, all of which are produced under strict control in France so you can rest assured there is no compromise on quality!

However it is not merely the green, white, red and black tea elixir based balms and facial and body treatments which provide the basis of this exotic spa experience. Wayan, Director of Spa and Wellness and a veteran of many years experience working in internationally acclaimed spas across the globe, insists staff have undergone over 200 hours of training from Themae itself in order to ensure clients receive an holistic experience encompassing age old Asian techniques, elegance of movement and fluidity in each and every treatment.

Experience the ultimate in relaxation with the Themae Nepalese Tea Body Exfoliation or the 90 minute Asian Fusion Massage. Revitalise sagging skin with their Reverse Aging Ritual Facial – a non invasive treatment which utilises sophisticated massage techniques and traditional tools designed to firm the skin so you can emerge looking like a new you! Even better is the fact that you have the opportunity to continue looking fabulous by purchasing those same exclusive Themae products used in your treatment at Body Temple Spa.

The options to rejuvenate, relax, detox and energise your body are endless. With intensive training programs, quality Themae and OPI products and a fully inclusive spa menu encompassing waxing, nail services, a hair salon, unique body treatments, packages and even specifically designed spa experiences for mini prince and princesses, Body Temple makes good on its mantra to create an experience unique to you and your needs on any given day.

Indulge in a treatment guaranteed to refresh your faith in the ultimate Bali Spa experience. Step into Body Temple, inhale the subtle aroma of peppermint, take in the muted hues of natural stone and wood along with the understated elegance of the spa surroundings and feel any tension simply ebb away.

Body Temple Spa is open 7 days a week from 9am until 8pm. Email for an appointment today on:

reservations.cc@bodytemplebali.com or
call +62 361 8483939 ext. 132  / +62 3614741019