Canggu Club’s Commitment to Reuse, Reduce & Recycle


Like many popular tourist destinations, Bali has a real problem with rubbish. It covers the beaches, particularly during the rainy season, it clogs the drains beside the roads and unfortunately, most vacant allotments also tend to masquerade as a convenient rubbish tip. Agreed, our island home is definitely not alone in its fight to find a solution to the pollution problem, however we all need to make more of an effort when it comes to doing our part to reduce our reliance on non-biodegradable consumables.

Granted there are a number of successful programs already in place across the island such as local beach clean ups, Eco Bali Recycling and the student born initiative, Bye Bye Plastic Bags to mention only a few but it is also encouraging to see other local businesses setting an example by getting on board and implementing in house waste minimization, management and recycling programs.

In an effort to educate staff, members and guests, The Canggu Club have reinforced their commitment to Keep Bali Clean by incorporating a comprehensive recycling program across all of their venues. Regulars to The Club may have recently noticed a number of colourful recycling bins dotted throughout the property encouraging consumers to dispose of their rubbish in separate receptacles provided for paper, plastic and organic waste, but The Club’s pledge to reduce pollution goes much further.

I took a tour behind the scenes with Resident Manager Komang Adi and discovered a multi faceted  recycling initiative which aims not only to reduce the amount of daily waste across all venues but to also educate staff and suppliers about minimising our carbon footprint by way of reducing unnecessary packaging and developing the mindset to reuse and recycle where appropriate.

Recycling bins for plastic, paper, glass and cans can be found in all venue kitchens and bars along with bins for organic waste. Staff are trained to separate kitchen waste into respective bins for non-organic and organic items and this is monitored on a regular basis by heads of each department. Monies received for recyclables such as glass bottles, paper and plastics are added to staff service in order to ‘incentivise’ employees to commit to the program and encourage members and guests to do the same. Garden trimmings and food scraps go into a large bin to begin the composting process which, after a period of fermentation is then used as fertilizer for Canggu Club gardens and lawns. Grey water is used for garden irrigation and a chopper was even purchased for the gardens department in order to chip large cuttings down to a size more effective for composting.

Despite the preferred mode of communication being cyber these days, paper products are still required for signs, banners, packaging and reading materials. But these don’t make it to the waste pile either! Ince finished with, all paper recyclables are gathered and distributed to collectors for reuse.

Awareness about the benefits of recycling is vital and The Canggu Club are committed to teaching their employees about caring for their environment, ensuring they understand the purpose of the program and hopefully, choosing to integrate similar processes in their own home. Each staff member has been issued with a green bag in an effort to reduce their own reliance on plastic bags at the market or shop and lead by

example. Even suppliers have been encouraged to use these environmentally friendly bags for stock delivery (where appropriate) instead of the mountains of plastic that tend to envelop our purchases.

In order to initiate a change in our pattern of consumption and its effect on our natural environment, education is the key. Recycling, reusing and reducing waste in the workplace and at home has a filter down effect and the more we see this happening, the sooner it becomes routine behaviour. Congratulations to The Canggu Club and other like minded local businesses for implementing these environmentally friendly practices and being a part of the change that aims to make a difference.

For further information about Canggu Club’s commitment to recycling go to: http://www.cangguclub.com/cause-we-care/