Independence Week Offers Something for Everyone

Celebrated on August 17th, Indonesian Independence Day is an anniversary marking the country’s declaration of independence from the Dutch on this date in 1945. Now I love a good reason for a party and a day off and it seems the Canggu Club do too as they have earmarked not just a day, but a whole week for Indonesian Independence celebrations!

Starting on Saturday August 13th, get your budding junior chefs in on the action with the Kids Kitchen cooking class. In honour of Independence Day, young cooks can learn about the special significance of the ceremonial Indonesian dish, Nasi Tumpeng. A cone shaped mountain of rice surrounded by assorted side dishes of meats, vegetables, egg, sauces and sambals, Nasi Tumpeng is enjoyed at special ceremonies and celebrations and is designed to be eaten together.

Cooking classes begin at 10am and the kids can continue with their own celebrations the following day with the Cubby House Kids Club Independence Day themed party from 1pm on Sunday August 14th. Contact Cubby House Kids Club for further details.

Monday kicks off Independence Week festivities with specials on traditional food and drinks from Bistro C and it will almost feel like Friday’s arrived early with Tuesday evening’s soccer friendly from 6pm. Join in some light hearted football fun when ‘Indonesia takes on The Rest of The World’ in a casual invitational where everyone of any age is welcome to strap on the boots and go for a run. With a day off for everyone on Wednesday, the kids won’t have to wait until Friday with an additional edition of Bounce Mania scheduled for 7pm on Tuesday evening.

Definitely no hang dog faces for hump day this week! Fun fires up a notch or two on Wednesday, the official day of celebration for Indonesian Independence, as Canggu Club will really recognise the red and white with Indonesian Street Food specials, games and giveaways at Splash and some Slip n Slide and Foam Party shenanigans. There will be DJ entertainment from 4pm until 7pm when Dive in Movies start at Splash. Entry is free for non members from 5pm but if you’d like to be a part of the fun from noon you can purchase a day pass from Club Reception or online before you arrive. Just Rp300K for adults and Rp180K for children from 3-17 years gets you entrance into Splash Water Park along with freedom to enjoy all Canggu Club facilities.

As an extra special offer for KTP holders, show your card to Canggu Club Reception staff and you can receive a Strike Ten Pin Bowling voucher for Rp100,000! So don some red and white gear, grab a bowl of nasi, get on down to the Canggu Club and be sure to enjoy one of Indonesia’s most important days of the year. For further details about Independence Day celebrations check out the ‘What’s On’ section of the website: