Local Favourite Takes On Canggu Tennis Top Spot

Local Favourite Takes On Canggu Tennis Top Spot


There’s a new queen of the court and she is here to stay! Those of us who frequent the Canggu Club Tennis Centre will already be familiar with new Tennis Club Coordinator, Nining’s face as she has assisted many of us with our swing for some years now!
A veteran on the Indonesian tennis circuit, Nining (Sediati Merdiningsih) began playing the game at the tender age of nine and started competition from just ten years of age! A year later saw a move to Jakarta after her talent was scouted by local tennis club, Nugra Santana who offered her a coveted sponsorship.

At the age of twelve she had risen to an incredible number one ranking for junior female in Indonesia and continued to participate and succeed in numerous tournaments, winning an impressive twelve in just one year! From age 13 – 17 years, Nining played the Asian circuit, including a three month tennis tour of the United States.

Her move to Bali a few years later saw her secure certification in teaching and between instruction and participating in tournaments around the island, she also coached the local Bali team to the number three position nationally!

Already having been a firm fixture with Canggu Club Tennis for around eight years now, Nining knows the run of these courts like, well…….. her back hand! Her friendly manner and tennis talents puts her in high demand as a coach and hitting partner, with many of us hoping her numerous skills on the court might rub off. It was no surprise she was the obvious choice to fill previous Head of Canggu Club Tennis, Paul McCabe’s rather large shoes after he moved on to other ventures last month.

Nining’s familiarity with the day to day operations of the Tennis Club, her obvious popularity with members and guests, young and old as well as her talents as a player, hitting partner and coach, made her the ideal candidate for Canggu Tennis Club Coordinator. Along with her task of organising other coaches and assistants, she also takes on the massive role of maintaining the smooth operation of the hugely popular Junior Sports Academy tennis program.

We wish this popular and talented local lady every success in her new position and look forward to yet another busy and exciting year of tennis and the Canggu Club Tennis Centre. Congratulations Nining!

Ph: +62 361 848 3939 / +62 82 897 193 939
Jalan Canggu Club, Canggu, Bali, Indonesia


Vampire Facials at Monday Morning Beauty Talks


Being on the wrong side of forty, a lover of the sun and a little bit vain, I have long been on the lookout for ways to return some of that youthful glow to my face and replenish what gravity and the years have taken away!

Having never been wildly enthusiastic about the thought of injecting foreign filler matter into my rapidly sagging jowls, surprisingly, the idea of PRP therapy did pique my curiosity. Billed as the “Vampire Facial” and apparently made famous by one of those Kardashian sisters, Body Temple Spa and Cocoon Medical showcased a demo of the procedure for their monthly Monday morning Beauty Talks, so I went along for a look.

PRP (or platelet rich plasma) therapy is not a new procedure. It has long been employed in orthopaedics as a treatment to promote rapid healing and replenish tissue growth in knee and shoulder injuries and, only recently as an anti ageing procedure. Not surprisingly, it is the most popular procedure at Cocoon Medical Spa after botox!

PRP therapy is a process whereby qualified therapists draw around 40ml of your blood (yes there are needles), place it in a centrifuge and spin it madly for about ten minutes in order to separate the platelet rich plasma from the other red bits. That 40 ml typically produces just 10 ml of the ‘good stuff’ which is then injected (more needles!!) into the areas of the face you wish to rejuvenate. Designed to promote healing, production of hyaluronic acid and collagen growth, it is really the only safe stuff to inject in those problem ‘under the eye’ areas where we all seem to carry a little extra unwanted luggage and where botox and fillers just can’t go! If you think about it, they are simply putting back the best of the bits they just took out! Easy!

In order to expedite the process and due to the fact that ‘we are talking injections here people!’, the team at Body Temple and Cocoon showcased a slightly different PRP procedure for our Monday Morning Beauty Talks. For the purposes of this demo and to allow us ladies to gather ‘round, devour complimentary munchies and watch our volunteer (should that read victim?) for the day, the therapists demonstrated a slightly less invasive way to reap the rewards of PRP therapy. In this instance, just 10 ml of blood was drawn and separated whilst our guinea pig enjoyed a microdermabrasion in preparation for what was to follow. The plasma extracted, a derma roller was used over the face to ‘perforate’ the skin, after which the plasma was gently massaged into the aerated tissue! Ewww! A little bit icky, this procedure is a slightly less daunting and invasive but still produces the similar results of cell rejuvenation and collagen growth, promoting fresh, plump, younger looking skin. Yippeee! Sign me up!

Every month Body Temple Spa @ The Canggu Club, along with Cocoon Medical Spa join forces to present free and informative information mornings to showcase therapies and provide info on all of those hints we need to know to stay beautiful inside and out. The mornings are open to everyone and you do not need to be a Canggu Club member to join in. Morning tea and refreshments are provided and participants have the chance to win a complimentary treatment showcased at the session!

For more information about the monthly beauty talks as well as Anti Ageing Mondays at Body Temple Spa, call them on: 0361 8483939 or go to the website: bodytemplebali.com