November 28th 2016 – Give a Little Extra and Grant a Wish This Christmas


For many of us who celebrate Christmas, December 25th brings the excitement of presents and precious time spent with family. It’s a time to connect with loved ones, recognise the significance of this special day and revel in the joy of giving and receiving. Why not extend that festive spirit beyond your immediate family this year and grant a wish to some youngsters who are a little less fortunate by participating in Canggu Club’s annual Wishing Tree.

Every year, a stunning Christmas Tree stands resplendent in the foyer of The Canggu Club, but instead of shimmering with tinsel and baubles, this tree boasts decorations of a different kind. It is more a symbol of hope and generosity. Attached to the branches are tags bearing the names and details of each child from the Jodie O’Shea Orphanage in Denpasar, along with one item they would wish to receive on Christmas Day. You won’t find any requests for iPhones or laptops here. Preferences are simple, day to day items, the likes that most of us (and our children) might take for granted such as T shirts, sports shoes, clothing and back packs.

Before you head out to do your Christmas shopping this year, select a tag or two from the wishing tree and take the time to purchase a gift for this child. Each tag contains all of the necessary details about the child to help you choose an appropriate gift. Once you select your gift recipient, register your details with the staff at reception. After you have purchased and wrapped your pressie, please drop it to Canggu Club reception by December 20th at the latest. This will allow enough time to ensure there is something for every child and nobody misses out. You may select as many tags as you wish.

Come December 25th, the kids from Jodie O’Shea will join in Christmas celebrations at The Canggu Club, enjoying a buffet lunch, afternoon at Splash Waterpark and of course, a visit from Santa when all of these donated gifts will be distributed to the children. It’s always a wonderful day of laughter and fun filled with generous sprinkling of Christmas spirit. The looks of excitement and appreciation on the faces of these children as they unwrap a gift chosen especially for them is perhaps the best part of the day!

Spread your Christmas cheer a little further this year and put a smile on the face of a youngster less fortunate than yourself by granting their simple request. Anything you can give will be greatly appreciated. The Wishing Tree will take pride of place in Canggu Club foyer from December 1st and you are welcome to select your gift recipient up until December 20th. For further details about this year’s Wishing Tree, speak with the team at Canggu Club reception or email: info@cangguclub.com . After all, Christmas is not simply about opening presents, it is also about opening our hearts. Dig a little deeper this festive season and see someone smile. X

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