November 7th 2016: Bounce Mania Moves Back to The Weekend


Weekdays are busy enough with a combination of school, sports and afternoon activities for parents to juggle, not to mention their own work commitments! That’s why we’ve moved our ever popular Mini Mania and Bounce Mania sessions to a more student friendly schedule. Your suggestions did not go unnoticed and now the kids have even more opportunities to get manic on Fridays, Saturdays and even Sunday afternoons!

With two sessions to encompass all age groups, Mini Mania and Bounce Mania will retain their popular Friday evening spots of 5pm-7pm (Mini Mania) and 7pm-10pm (Bounce Mania) respectively. Previous Thursday sessions have now been replaced with more convenient Saturday evening time slots so kids can be a part of the fun without worrying about waking up in time for school the following day. As if that wasn’t enough time to partake in some aerial action, Bounce Mania is on again every Sunday afternoon from 2pm until 5pm. Still an early finish so there’s enough time to prepare for the new week that lies ahead.

As parents we like to be secure in the knowledge that our kids are safe and sound but still having fun wherever they are. Bounce Bali’s weekly ‘Mania’ sessions are just the ticket to provide good clean (and incredibly active) fun for kids who just want to get together with their friends for a great time! It’s an opportunity to get them off their iPads and phones and into some social and physical activity as well as giving mum and dad a break for an hour or three! Parents can drop their cherubs off and have some child free time for grown up stuff or if they prefer to stay around for the younger ones, they’re more than welcome to sit upstairs at Strike Bar and view all of the activity from above.

Recent renovations at Bounce Bali mean that facilities are even better for bouncers. A new air bag has been installed to replace the foam landing pit, making for a safer and more hygienic landing pad. Two new elite tramps have also been added along with another vertical wall walk! Tiggers keen to develop their tricks will have an opportunity to do so when world champion trampolinist and gymnast, Greg Roe returns in late November to hold his second training camp at Bounce Bali. This three day workshop, (including optional sleepover at Bounce Bali) is a unique opportunity for budding aerialists to hone their skills and develop safe practices to ensure correct form and reduce any chance of injury.

Mini Mania and Bounce Mania sessions are open to everyone and there is no need to be a member to be a part of the action! It’s super cheap and so much fun at just RP125,000 per person for the two or three hour session. Bounce socks are mandatory for safety purposes and can easily be purchased at Bounce Bali reception for just RP25K. Canggu Club Gold and Platinum members are also eligible for a 20% discount for every session.

For further information about Mini Mania and Bounce Mania, or other promotions and events at Bounce Bali, go to their website: bouncebali.com speak with staff at reception.

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