Raising the Bar for Bali’s Cocktail Scene


Long gone are the days of colourful umbrella clad concoctions where the blue-green hue of Bali Moon was all that indicated the exoticism of your beverage. Bali’s blossoming bar scene is no secret and an influx of well travelled tourists has demanded that venues up the ante in terms of originality, ambience and the calibre of the cocktail.

The Lounge at FINNS Beach Club on Pantai Berawa is the latest offering from this popular sunset venue and brings a sophisticated level of uber chic to the Bali bar scene. An intoxicating fusion of modern elegance and original island flavours, FINNS Lounge Bar promises to add that extra “Oohh” to your evening.

Located on the mezzanine level at FINNS Lounge is distanced enough from the pool party below for guests to appreciate an atmosphere of ambient elegance, however they can still be entertained by the view from afar minus the mayhem!

Showcasing Bali’s best treasures; sunsets and ingredients unique to the island, the brief is about cocktails spiced with island essence and cool vibes. With the focal point of the venue a giant Balinese stone mortar by the bar, it’s a marriage of tradition and trend. Visitors are treated to an insight to island history in a scene reminiscent of the way generations of old prepared their food and guests truly get a taste of Bali culture as a mortar and pestle mixologist explains each component of the cocktail to customers as it is prepared in front of them. A nod to the persistent popularity of the deconstructed drink, raw materials are served ‘on the side’ which allows the consumer to relish every element of the concoction. All you have to do is decide which cocktail would be the best accessory to match the shade of the setting sun!


The extensive beverage list ensures an array of choices to tantalise every taste from an inclination to exotic mixes (think G&T infused with local star anise and a touch of vanilla…..) to lovers of bubbles and spirit stalwarts who prefer to entertain their guests with a high end beverage by the bottle! Sustenance of a non alcoholic nature is available in the form of culinary cool…..well, more like hot, hot hot! The food menu offers a tapas style, hot stone concept where meaty bites are presented on a sizzling local stone accompanied by a blend of buttery, Balinese sauces and condiments.

Open from 4pm to midnight, it’s evenings and adults only. With just seventy seats you’ll need to be ahead of the game to score a sofa and watch the sun go down as it’s first come, first served! FINNS Lounge encompasses everything the discerning drinker desires for an evening out. Cue sophistication, sunsets and style, it’s a chance for dress ups, light dining and enjoying some of the edgiest cocktail creations on the island without having to venture out of Canggu.