Reap Membership Rewards with Canggu Club’s Payment Plan


Moving to Bali, or anywhere else for that matter, can become a minefield of mounting costs. Up front payment of your lease in full, school fees, staff, electricity and added extras that seem to appear from nowhere means there’s little left in the kitty to put towards entertainment options or experiences that might make this often testing transition slightly less stressful.

In addition to these fiscal factors, getting to know new people and finding secure and convenient places for your kids to meet new friends is vital to a sure and speedy assimilation into your new neighbourhood. Granted, joining somewhere such as The Canggu Club is an ideal solution for many an island newbie’s social woes, but with all of the preliminary costs involved in relocation, the idea of forking out a lump sum fee for a family membership might seem a little out of reach.


The team at The Canggu Club appreciate the costs involved in moving your family to a new country and in an effort to get you and yours into the groove a little faster, they are offering a new payment option for Canggu Club memberships. Instead of having to pay the usual joining fee up front in full, they are offering the option of a twelve month payment plan. That’s right! You can pay off your joining fee in a series of instalments. Payments are only scheduled for every three months (attached to your monthly fees) and are completely interest free.

As if this isn’t enough to get you hightailing it into the Club reception, they are also offering an additional 40% discount off the joining fee for Gold and Platinum Memberships! Of course, all Gold and Platinum members also enjoy the added bonus of an extra 20% discount on spa treatments at Body Temple Spa, Bounce Trampoline Centre and Strike Bowling as well as discounts on food and beverage.

What’s the catch? There isn’t one! As soon as you sign up you can immediately enjoy all of the benefits a Canggu Club membership has to offer: Splash Water Park, a fully equipped fitness club, gym and twenty five metre pool, member discounts on Junior Sports Academy tuition fees, fitness classes, all weather tennis courts, use of the business centre and a fully fenced sporting field along with the peace of mind in knowing you and your family are safe in a secure environment.

With this deal, you get to have your cake and eat it too! Experience everything this world class club has to offer while keeping some cash in your coffers a little longer. To find out more about how you can take advantage of this fabulous offer, see the membership team at The Canggu Club or email your enquiries to:

Jalan Canggu Club, Canggu