Position title
Food & Beverage - Assistant Bar Manager - Finns Recreation Club

As the representative of as well as the ear or eye of the right hand Bar Supervisor/Manager, which replaced the duties and responsibilities of the Supervisor/Manager if the Supervisor/Manager Bar Bar none available (because of the holiday, leave or other tasks) and help the tasks Bar Supervisor /Manager in General

  1. Scheduling of work each by the end of the month.
  2. Provide briefings and training to Bartenders.
  3. Check stock drink, garnish, and mise en place and so on.
  4. Check out the drink list, tidiness and table preparations that have been carried out by waiter/ss.
  5. Accommodate and resolve problems encountered and motivate and provide a boost to team morale.
  6. In a State of busy helping the Bartender making cocktails and help waiter serves drinks to guests and so on.
  7. Receive complaints from bars perhaps any obstacles or other problems during the bar operates.
  8. Record the results of sales and make a report to Bar Manager.
  9. Guide bar team to make the recipes on standard.
  10. Every Closing time ensure all outlets are clean and tight, the chillers doors were locked and the bar is organized.
  11. Check staff attendance.
  12. Ensure training schedule is being followed and the staff is consistent trained to measure each ingredient and provide good control and pleasing presentation of all beverage.
  13. Create procedures for less wastages and standard keeping.
  14. Ensure all staff dressed correctly to satisfy statutory requirement as well as enhancing for the image of the establishment.
  15.  To organize and supervise Bar Staff, ensuring that good value of the beverage is produced and served, achieving the correct profit margin.
  16. To respond to and time line action complaints and suggestion of costumers.
  17. Create and train the bartender team about cocktails special regarding world trending cocktails and guests requests.

Bar manager experience in a big venue for a year.

Position: Food & Beverage - Assistant Bar Manager - Finns Recreation Club

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