FINNS Wins a CSR Award: A Sign of Corporate Care and Responsibility

by : I Gede Wahyu Dani Dharmawan (ESG Coordinator- FINNS Bali)

In early December 2023, FINNS Bali won consecutive awards in the “CSR Initiative 2023” and the “Corporate Social Responsibility (TJSP) award in the social sector”. The CSR Initiative 2023  appreciation is given to companies that have contributed to environmental and social aspects of society as part of their corporate responsibility. This award event was held on Friday, 8 December 2023, at the Tirta Gangga Building, Regional Office Bank Indonesia, Renon-Bali.

The next Monday, FINNS Bali was awarded TJSP Social to appreciate their dedication and consistency in providing support for social impacts. This honour was given to 5 out of 6827 Badung companies with good social impact portfolios. FINNS Bali has been supporting various NGOs and initiatives in Bali to eradicate poverty, providing healthcare and education to Bali communities.

These awards are the result of hard work and dedication from FINNS Bali staff, partners and communities. In 2023 alone, almost IDR 1 billion was donated to various charities, SoleFamily, Stella’s Child, and various initiatives in Bali to alleviate poverty, deliver medicine, provide quality education, and many more. Hopefully, with this award in tow, FINNS can lead other companies to create positive impacts in their communities.

FINNS Bali Inaugurates SoleFamily Care and Center

by : I Gede Wahyu Dani Dharmawan (ESG Coordinator- FINNS Bali)

On 11 October 2023, FINNS Bali, a company operating in the tourism sector, was invited to witness the inauguration of the FINNS plaque placement on the SoleFamily Care & Center to mark the solid partnership and dedication between FINNS Bali and SoleFamily. 

SoleFamily Care & Center focuses on providing health services for Bali’s community in need and far from access to health services. They collaborate with local health workers to provide health services and routine health checks. This is an essential step towards a healthier and more productive society.

Through this opportunity, FINNS Bali believes that a responsible and sustainable tourism business is not just a concept but can be realized through real action by giving back to the local communities.

FINNS Bali, Nurturing Dream on World Children’s Day Through VIP Orphanage Program

by : I Gede Wahyu Dani Dharmawan (ESG Coordinator- FINNS Bali)

On November 15 2023, FINNS Bali held a monthly VIP Orphanage Children by inviting 10 children from the Benih Harapan Orphanage. We also used this occasion to celebrate World Children’s Day. Various activities were conducted, from art sessions to interactive games, to create a day that will leave a lasting impression on the hearts of children who may not always have the same opportunities as others and highlight this year’s theme to celebrate children’s rights.

The event was held in the FINNS’s Cubby House Kids Club, a lively and stimulating environment where children can safely play and learn simultaneously. The event was held from 2-4 pm and involved explaining children’s rights through pictures and a drawing session. After that, the children enjoyed the Cubby House Kids Club facilities for free and played trampoline in the Bounce Bali.

FINNS Bali shows that World Children’s Day is not just a date on the calendar but also an opportunity to create memorable moments for kids who might otherwise not be able to. Through this program, we are committed to positively impacting communities by providing a safe space for kids to play and be themselves as children should be. 

Leaving a Trace of Goodness: ESG FINNS Bali Donates Basic Groceries for People with Disabilities in Badung Regency

by : I Gede Wahyu Dani Dharmawan (ESG Coordinator- FINNS Bali)

On November 18 2023, FINNS Bali left a mark of kindness by initiating basic grocery donations for people with disabilities in Badung Regency. Through the ESG department, FINNS Bali is committed to creating a positive impact on its communities, especially those who need extra support.

Together with Karang Taruna of North Kuta, FINNS Bali donated 53 packages filled with 5 Kg of rice and 1 L of oil each to disabled communities in North Kuta. This event took place at Wantilan Pura Padang Luwih-Dalung Village. Each basic groceries package is designed to meet basic daily needs, providing comfort and peace of mind for individuals with disabilities and their families in Badung Regency.

Through this basic grocery donation, FINNS Bali reassured its commitment to creating a better environment and positive engagement for the community. Hopefully, these steps can encourage more business entities to contribute to the community in Bali.

ESG Extends a Heartfelt Invitation to Dria Raba Orphanage: Spreading Love and Support Together

Bali Biggest Cleanup is an annual event from Bye Bye Plastic Bags-Bali.
This event invites all companies, NGO, hotels, villas, etc to participate in the cleanup which focuses on taking mainly the plastic trash as we know it is the most difficult to decompose.

Leave The Step,Take The Trash on Bali Biggest Cleanup

Bali Biggest Cleanup is an annual event from Bye Bye Plastic Bags-Bali.
This event invites all companies, NGO, hotels, villas, etc to participate in the cleanup which focuses on taking mainly the plastic trash as we know it is the most difficult to decompose.

FINNS Bali Donated Some Items To SoleFamily

By: I Gede Wahyu Dani Dharmawan (ESG Coord – FINNS Bali)

As part of FINNS Bali’s charitable program, FINNS Bali donated some daily necessities and supplies to SoleFamily Bali on December 27, 2022.

SoleFamily Indonesia (formerly Solemen Indonesia) is a non-profit organization that offers financial assistance and direct assistance to the underprivileged and “diffabled” (differently abled) in Bali. One of Bali’s most reputable and well-known charities is SoleFamily, which was founded in October 2010. The homeless, underprivileged, “diffabled,” and marginalized people in Bali are helped by SoleFamily’s Outreach Programs. The charity’s mission is to relieve the suffering of severe poverty by providing hope and long-term solutions to individuals who live in secrecy and are thus cut off from quick access to healthcare. SoleFamily actively reaches out to those who are overlooked by the current system of nonprofits and government initiatives and are not assisted by them.

A variety of daily essentials, including umbrellas, tripods, costume masks, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and other items, were donated today by the ESG Department of FINNS Bali. The goal of this donation is to lessen the burden on the patients staying at the SoleFamily shelter as well as to support the work of SoleFamily as one of the foundations working in the field of humanitarian aid. We can only do so much, but at least it will help because FINNS share and care with love.

FINNS Bali Supported in Perancak Beach Cleanup

By: I Gede Wahyu Dani Dharmawan (ESG Coord – FINNS Bali)

On December 18, 2022, FINNS Bali participated in the Perancak Beach beach clean-up as part of our input to the community. Tibubeneng village and Badung Kushin Ryu M Karate-Do Indonesia (K.K.I) Badung Regency Committee coordinated this event. The goal of this annual event, which is organized by Badung Kushin Ryu M Karate-Do Indonesia (K.K.I.), is to instill in Kushin Ryu M Karate-Do participants a love for the environment.

The beach is situated at Dalem Perancak Temple’s Perancak Beach. The well-known FINNS Beach Club in Bali is located nearby and on the same line as the popular tourist destination Berawa beach. The waves in this region are pretty high and difficult to ride since Perancak Beach Canggu is quite vast and stretches from east to west while facing south into the Indian Ocean.

FINNS Bali’s ESG (Environment Social Governance) Department participated in this beach cleanup event with the assistance of a number of other departments. It took two hours to clean up the beach. About 300 people took part in the beach cleanup.