FINNS Bali Inaugurates SoleFamily Care and Center

by : I Gede Wahyu Dani Dharmawan (ESG Coordinator- FINNS Bali)

On 11 October 2023, FINNS Bali, a company operating in the tourism sector, was invited to witness the inauguration of the FINNS plaque placement on the SoleFamily Care & Center to mark the solid partnership and dedication between FINNS Bali and SoleFamily. 

SoleFamily Care & Center focuses on providing health services for Bali’s community in need and far from access to health services. They collaborate with local health workers to provide health services and routine health checks. This is an essential step towards a healthier and more productive society.

Through this opportunity, FINNS Bali believes that a responsible and sustainable tourism business is not just a concept but can be realized through real action by giving back to the local communities.