FINNS Bali, Nurturing Dream on World Children’s Day Through VIP Orphanage Program

by : I Gede Wahyu Dani Dharmawan (ESG Coordinator- FINNS Bali)

On November 15 2023, FINNS Bali held a monthly VIP Orphanage Children by inviting 10 children from the Benih Harapan Orphanage. We also used this occasion to celebrate World Children’s Day. Various activities were conducted, from art sessions to interactive games, to create a day that will leave a lasting impression on the hearts of children who may not always have the same opportunities as others and highlight this year’s theme to celebrate children’s rights.

The event was held in the FINNS’s Cubby House Kids Club, a lively and stimulating environment where children can safely play and learn simultaneously. The event was held from 2-4 pm and involved explaining children’s rights through pictures and a drawing session. After that, the children enjoyed the Cubby House Kids Club facilities for free and played trampoline in the Bounce Bali.

FINNS Bali shows that World Children’s Day is not just a date on the calendar but also an opportunity to create memorable moments for kids who might otherwise not be able to. Through this program, we are committed to positively impacting communities by providing a safe space for kids to play and be themselves as children should be.