FINNS Wins a CSR Award: A Sign of Corporate Care and Responsibility

by : I Gede Wahyu Dani Dharmawan (ESG Coordinator- FINNS Bali)

In early December 2023, FINNS Bali won consecutive awards in the “CSR Initiative 2023” and the “Corporate Social Responsibility (TJSP) award in the social sector”. The CSR Initiative 2023  appreciation is given to companies that have contributed to environmental and social aspects of society as part of their corporate responsibility. This award event was held on Friday, 8 December 2023, at the Tirta Gangga Building, Regional Office Bank Indonesia, Renon-Bali.

The next Monday, FINNS Bali was awarded TJSP Social to appreciate their dedication and consistency in providing support for social impacts. This honour was given to 5 out of 6827 Badung companies with good social impact portfolios. FINNS Bali has been supporting various NGOs and initiatives in Bali to eradicate poverty, providing healthcare and education to Bali communities.

These awards are the result of hard work and dedication from FINNS Bali staff, partners and communities. In 2023 alone, almost IDR 1 billion was donated to various charities, SoleFamily, Stella’s Child, and various initiatives in Bali to alleviate poverty, deliver medicine, provide quality education, and many more. Hopefully, with this award in tow, FINNS can lead other companies to create positive impacts in their communities.