By: I Gede Wahyu Dani Dharmawan (ESG Coord – FINNS Bali)

Bali Biggest Cleanup is an annual event from Bye Bye Plastic Bags-Bali.
This event invites all companies, NGO, hotels, villas, etc to participate in the cleanup which focuses on taking mainly the plastic trash as we know it is the most difficult to decompose. FINNS Bali participated in the Bali Biggest Cleanup on 18 February 2023, on the main road in the Tibubeneng area.

The cleanup lasted an hour with a total of 49 participants and we collected 2,221 pieces of plastic rubbish. After the cleanup, we proceeded to the separation. The biggest part of the rubbish were plastic bags (22.5 %) followed by other types of plastic trash (20.3 %) and plastic bottles 16.4%.