Leaving a Trace of Goodness: ESG FINNS Bali Donates Basic Groceries for People with Disabilities in Badung Regency

by : I Gede Wahyu Dani Dharmawan (ESG Coordinator- FINNS Bali)

On November 18 2023, FINNS Bali left a mark of kindness by initiating basic grocery donations for people with disabilities in Badung Regency. Through the ESG department, FINNS Bali is committed to creating a positive impact on its communities, especially those who need extra support.

Together with Karang Taruna of North Kuta, FINNS Bali donated 53 packages filled with 5 Kg of rice and 1 L of oil each to disabled communities in North Kuta. This event took place at Wantilan Pura Padang Luwih-Dalung Village. Each basic groceries package is designed to meet basic daily needs, providing comfort and peace of mind for individuals with disabilities and their families in Badung Regency.

Through this basic grocery donation, FINNS Bali reassured its commitment to creating a better environment and positive engagement for the community. Hopefully, these steps can encourage more business entities to contribute to the community in Bali.