Box Fusion Classes @ Canggu Club? Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!

Here’s a shout out to all you fitness fans and workout wannabies! Bored with your usual gym routine and in need of a new element to your weekly exercise regime? Well it’s about time you tried Canggu Club Fitness Box Fusion class at 8.30am of a Thursday! Forget all the excuses, Box Fusion is guaranteed to get your heart rate up and sweat out any of those nasty toxins from all that extra holiday err……’cheer’.

Having long been a fan of boxing classes and with a few sessions up my sleeve, I thought the class would be a breeze. I may have been mistaken! Whilst it’s not necessary to have had any previous boxing experience (in or out of the ring!) in order to attend the session, be prepared for an all over body workout, toning and cardio session. I mean, that’s what we’re there for yes? That being said, the class is open to all levels of expertise and abilities and being the professional trainer that he is, Duane scales each exercise to cater to whatever your fitness level allows.

The beauty of Canggu Club’s Box Fusion classes is that they are never boring. Every week brings a new set of exercises designed to challenge your body and build strength and cardio fitness. With years of experience behind him, Duane ensures Box Fusion participants are taught the right skills and drills to maximise fitness and minimise injury and this small group training environment encourages you to try harder to keep up with your sparring partner or beat their best time in the cardio challenges! Competitive much?

Sessions start at 8.30am on Thursday mornings and combine indoor and outdoor activities so you aren’t left staring at a gym wall or sweating it out for a full hour in the sun. Incorporating stair runs, wall sits, sparring sessions and time trials, Box Fusion is designed to work the whole body ensuring fitness and toning and a while lot of laughs. You don’t need an arsenal of equipment either as boxing gloves, pads and liners are all supplied. All you need to bring is energy and commitment to stick it out for an hour. No results without effort right?

Being on the wrong side of forty, I understand full well how difficult it is to tone those tuck-shop arms, jelly bellies and sloppy shoulders and Box Fusion is definitely the answer for sleek, sculpted arms and torsos. Now girls never fear, there’s no danger of bulking up like big Mike Tyson but stick with Box Fusion and I’ll warrant you’ll be more than happy to show off your toned guns on the beach or step out in a sleeveless, strappy number in the evenings!

This class is not just for the girls. Guys are more than welcome to join in and you’ll be guaranteed results. Beware though fellas, some of the ladies can pack a mean punch!

Remember, if Box Fusion is not your really your scene, Canggu Club Fitness also has Body Pump, Cycle and Yoga classes available as well. There will be classes on every day from Monday to Friday over the holidays and the gym is open daily from 6am until 10pm.

If you would prefer to make your own timetable, grab a few of your friends for small group training sessions or personal training with their international fitness professionals.

For more information about Canggu Club Fitness classes, check out their schedule online at:>fitness or don your active wear come in and try it for yourself. Bring it on Rocky!